How much is your reputation worth?

Are you wondering what your reputation is worth?

Here’s how we at Mesure Média answer your questions:

  • We are public relations specialists who use our expertise to evaluate traditional and social media.
  • Since 1994, we have contributed to the development of a now central aspect of communication—evaluation—by constantly investing talent and money in R&D.
  • We operate in a constantly changing industry, and have decided to position ourselves at the leading edge of current and future changes by recognizing the Barcelona Principles, strategically using advertising value equivalency, and adapting our methods to suit new realities (e.g., social media, La Presse + in April 2014, Star Touch in fall 2015).

We always make sure our clients quickly understand their data and our reports.

  • We promote recognition of the valuable work that communicators perform.
  • We assess the positive or negative reputational impact of your media coverage in traditional and social media.
  • We analyze how coverage benefits brands, organizations, management, competitors, and even issues.

We measure the dollar impact of all forms of coverage—both solicited and unsolicited.

Our mesure [d] service helps improve your communications management and enhance your communications impact with both internal and external audiences (including public and private partners)