Our offer

Only what is measured can be improved!

We provide our clients with added value: data to measure their media performance and make informed decisions about their communications.

With our innovative media content assessment methodologies—including our measure [d] tool—and turnkey services, we help our clients stand out.
We measure the positive—and negative—reputational impact of brands, organizations, and leaders and their competitors in three ways:

  • In dollars (and other currencies)
  • In percentages (difference between reputation and advertising value before negotiation)
  • In media quality scores

The results are presented:

  • In a dynamic version
  • In a printable version

We have developed content analysis tools to meet various needs:

  • Measure [d] to determine the positive and negative reputational impact in dollars and percentages
  • Public discourse to assess coverage of a specific element in the news
  • Media quality scores to see positive and negative media performances on a scale
  • Selection to qualify the most relevant influencers for a brand or organization