Privacy policy

Privacy policy of Mesure Média

Following the implementation of new provisions of Quebec’s Law 25 protecting the personal information of Quebec residents, we want to inform you that our website does not store any cookies.

Furthermore, we will now assume that our newsletter is sent to your professional email address unless you indicate otherwise. If you prefer to receive our analyses at a different email, please feel free to contact us to update your contact information.

We also commit to:

  • Respect the protection of personal information in our possession.
  • Inform you in the event of a privacy incident that could cause you serious harm.
  • Anonymize personal information in certain circumstances and remove or destroy it after two years or when the retention of such data is no longer necessary.
  • Assess privacy risks in certain uses and communications of personal information.

The protection of personal information at Mesure Média is the responsibility of Pierre Gince. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact him at: