For communication professionals

By Caroline Roy   |   8 April 2014

A complementary tool for professionals in communication and appreciated by managers

We offer a media analysis method that measures and quantifies the positive or negative economic impact of an organization, a personality or a brand in the media.

Mesure Média meets the needs of its customers by producing and analyzing several quantitative and qualitative data from their press review.

The communications professional who benefits from our services, appreciates our external and independent look on their media coverage because it is done objectively and in an acute way by specialists.

Who needs press analysis?

Professionals in communication and public relations firms

Whether they work in public relations firms, private or public organizations, all communications professionals put a lot of effort in maintaining the reputation of their organization in the media. Media analysis will enable them to:

  • adjust their communication objectives
  • highlight the positive points
  • measure the return on investment
  • plan their next move

Events and festivals

All festivals and events, large and small, are trying to be visible in the media. Local, national or international press coverage is one of many ways by which events attempt to attract visitors. Several questions arise when it comes to attracting media attention:

  • How to take advantage of press coverage?
  • What newspaper or TV channel covers us best?
  • Are we sufficiently visible in national and regional media?
  • What is the value of that media coverage in dollars?
  • Is it on television or on the Web that we obtain the most favorable coverage?
  • Is our event spokesperson visible enough?

Mesure Média answers all of these questions!

Event Sponsors

Media analysis also addresses the need for valuation of partners and / or sponsors of events. The financial partners are valuable allies in organizing such occasions. Several sponsors are closely associated with the names and locations of the event.

But how much is this visibility worth in the media? With our measurement tool mesure [d], we give the economic impact of the exposure given to the partners and sponsors of cultural, sporting and social events.