Media evaluation

By Caroline Roy   |   16 April 2014

Only what is measured can be improved!

Our mesure [d] technology determines:

  • Non-negotiated advertising value equivalence
  • Positive or negative reputational impact: the dollar value of media coverage based on analysis of a set of variables
  • Difference between the two values
  • Other quantitative and qualitative data

Return on investment

Our tool can be used to conduct highly accurate impact assessments of all media coverage—solicited or not—to determine the return on investment of any media campaign.

Turnkey service

With its turnkey offerings, Mesure Média offers clients objective, independent analysis of their media coverage.

We analyze the following traditional and social media in G-20 countries:

  • Daily papers
  • Weekly papers
  • Trade magazines and general news
  • Talk and information radio
  • Conventional and specialty television
  • Information websites
  • Digital versions of print media: La Presse +, Toronto Star +, etc.
  • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Instagram, etc.