Author: Pierre Gince, PRP, ARPPierre Gince a créé la firme d’analyse et d’évaluation des médias Mesure Média en 2015, après avoir fait de l’analyse de presse dès 1996.

2020: The Year of Public Relations

Par Pierre Gince, PRP, ARP  |  9 January 2020

As we begin a new year and a new decade, I’m not looking to the future—or even the past. I’m concerned about right now. That’s why I am declaring 2020 the International Year of Public Relations! If all of us public relations professionals put our minds to it, we can make it happen. Why? OUR […]

Public relations: What’s new in measurement?

Par Pierre Gince, PRP, ARP  |  1 June 2015

PIERRE GINCE, APR, AND CAROLINE ROY Here are some of the questions we answer most often about PR measurement: “Are organizations more sensitive to measurement than before?” “Can we expect the demand for measurement by decision makers and communicators in organizations of all sizes to steadily grow?” “Are there widely accepted methods in the PR […]

The Barcelona Principles, five years later

Par Pierre Gince, PRP, ARP  |  19 May 2015

By Pierre Gince, ARP (with Caroline Roy) In Barcelona in 2010, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) adopted the common declaration of public relations principles—or the Barcelona Principles. The objective was to determine a single framework for a fast-changing profession that operates around […]